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Memento, Ain't talking about lov

Memento, Ain't talking about love

Memento, Lights ou!

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Memento, Perfect strangers.

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Latin exercise sample 3

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The Eons

The Eons (gigs)

The Eons (News/History)

Hello there,


The Eons were originally formed at the end of 2005, under Kieran Smith's Merlin Records' ideas. Firstly while working on Hard Rock/Blues compositions., Luis Lopez was the first musician to join Kieran's project on Drums, expending six months recording the numerous ideas and sections, in order to attract suitable talent to the mix.

In the summer of 2006 Dave and Oli joined the duo, on Bass and Keys, the musical direction changed from the original Classic Rock format towards a wider, longer fusion sound, taking feels and influences from Funk, and Jazz. The band was very prolific creating, composing, and recording loads of material but the auditions for the band's singer were fruitless, finally at the end of the summer of 2007 Oli decided to leave the band.

The reminding Eons kept working as a trio, adding for first time some covers into the set list, to fill for the lost material due to Oli's departure. Luckily on September 2007 Deanne Naula, a versatile soulful singer joined the band on vocals. The arrival of Deanne, added a more soul/bluesy feel to the tracks, all new and old material (with lyrics) was rewritten and rerecorded adding time to its proper try in front of a live audience, but the result was undoubtedly worth waiting for.

Especially original material such "Waste my time”, “Oops”, and "With you" plus covers such, All people's "Cramp your style", Aretha Franklyn's " Rock steady “, Bill Withers' "Use me", "Out on the tiles" by Led Zeppelin and Steve boy Wonder's "I wish" all these tracks and many more from all the different band line ups, are available to listen from the band’s web or at .

Dave left the band on (2009) to fulfill his personal live, but after disastrous attempts to replace him the band decided to look for a guitarist instead of a bass player, so Kieran could return to Bass player duties, they were lucky and meet Chris Proctor, a young versatile, funk/blues/rock guitarist, it worked well for a while but he also left to form his own band on 2011. On 2012 Dan Hope a friend of the band was available; he fitted the band’s sound, ethics and personality like a good glove, giving the band the final core of very experienced musicians to pull the warm sounds forward, but due to his multiple commitments had to leave the band by the beginning of 2013.

After all these line up changes and live twists Jack Rowe joins the band, (see above) by mid-2013 with this young versatile player the sound is tight, flexible and comes across incredibly natural, so the band will start a series of gigs around the south west of London and festivals plus their residency on The AFAB restaurant (as we speak) and a spring and summer with promising expectations of recording an original LP and taking their sounds to a place close to you and also southern Europe this coming summer.

Finally Jack had left the band so the three remaining members decided to carry on recording through the second half of 2014 and early 2015, watch this space.  

Feisty eggs

Out in the tiles

Waste my Time

With you


The Eons

Kieran (Bass/Guitar)

Deanne (Vocals)

Luis (Drums) 

Vacant (Guitar)

Check gigs, details very soon!!

The Eons (Audio)

Here is an ald instrumental take, with Oli on Keys:

12 Bar

Four samples , the first three with Dave on bass, the fourth with Kieran on Bass and Guitars

Waste my Time

Cramp your style


With you

(also see audio and video for more The Eons!!)

The Eons (Contacts)

Please contact the band via the web sites at:

Facebook: The Eons UK

Myspace: The Eons collective

Or you can contact Luis at:

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