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Memento, Ain't talking about lov

Memento, Ain't talking about love

Memento, Lights ou!

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Memento, Perfect strangers.

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Latin exercise sample 3

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Audio & Video

Merlin Records' and "The Eons"

Here they are some of the ideas we have been working on, we hope you like them!




These are some old improvised tracks and some instrumentals.

00:00 / 09:50

Oli's 12 Bar

00:00 / 05:14


00:00 / 09:50


00:00 / 10:13

Oli's Slow

00:00 / 00:53


00:00 / 06:58


By that time we are currently recording a demo CD, with the Addition of Deanne Naula on Vocals and the departure of Dave and Jimmy on bass the following clip are three of our tunes, there are raw and have not been treated yet, but you can have a good idea of the possible final project and compare it with the live recordings at rehearsals, The Eons are now up and running with new guitarist Chris Proctor .

Deanne (Vocals)

Chris Proctor (photographic escapist)

We hope you like them!

00:00 / 01:44

Waste my time

00:00 / 01:25

Cramp your style

00:00 / 00:52


We were back to rehearsals the first one in Mach 2010 sounded like this;

00:00 / 01:23

With you

 For more information about Kieran's "Merlin Records" please go to:

"Free Vision"

"Free Vision " mp3's

Here there are some samples!

00:00 / 00:30

Lady on the edge

00:00 / 00:28

Sacred gipsy

00:00 / 00:32

Abandoned sail

00:00 / 00:28


00:00 / 00:28

Deep sleeper

00:00 / 00:28

Full human being

00:00 / 00:30

Imperfection & Love

00:00 / 00:30

Little flame blues

00:00 / 00:28

Rising to my dreams

00:00 / 00:34

Rumble the dale

00:00 / 00:28

To the Moon

00:00 / 00:34

We're gonna make it

"La Tregua"mp3's

The three following tunes are taken from the second "La Tregua" demo tape. The line up goes as follows Elias on bass, Victor on vocals, Palin & Juanin on guitars, and finally Luis on Drums:

00:00 / 00:30

El Calor 

00:00 / 00:28

La verdad

00:00 / 00:28

El Deseo

"El Clan" (M. I) mp3's

All these mp3 files are a sample of the first and second line ups. The first two samples with Elias on bass, Miguel on guitars, Alberto on vocals and Luis on Drums.

00:00 / 00:29

Rock & Roll (MI)

00:00 / 00:29

Todo va muy bien! (MI) 

The next two were recorded live at RNE Radio 3 (El sciences de Radio 3 three following samples are from the third line up swapping Alberto on vocal for Victor, the first and third samples)

00:00 / 00:30

Harmonica Solo (MIII)

00:00 / 00:34

No aguanto ya!! (MIII) 

Rember, if you want more information about this or any other band featured in this web page, go to Contacts & Links. (Please notice that these samples are now embedded samples)

Video - WMP / RP

This a sample from a sight reading exam at Thames Valley University, the Tune is YYZ ("Rush") it may be not the most perfect cover of the complicated track, but I believe it is quite funny.

The first sample it is a cut from the first "El Clan" TV appearance at TVE (Castilla y Leon), the track is "Rock & Roll"

The next one was recorded live at the Castilian city of Avila, with the Folk band "Esgueva"

Finally 3 different clips from the same " Free Vision's" concert live at The Cartoon (Croydon) the songs are "Imperfection and Love" and two cuts from"We're gonna make it!". I hope you like them.

Thanks to Elvis Eddie, without his help none of this clips could not have been shown.

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