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Memento, Ain't talking about lov

Memento, Ain't talking about love

Memento, Lights ou!

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Memento, Perfect strangers.

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Latin exercise sample 3

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News, Projects and Gigs

Internet lessons now available!

Drum Key

Internet Lessons

Book Them Now!!



The TW Band

Great band.

I Had a ball playing with them , no warnings into the deep end, result!

Nostalgic Cabaret

Alexia on the cabare section of the show ,energy, humour and great sounds.

From Astor Piazzola to Chet Baker


Nostalgic Cabaret, Tango Swing

El Pulpo Manotas, Percussion Cajon

Handmade Cajones

(Proudly Presented by Drum Key and The pear tree studio)

We are very excited presenting this fabulous new product, The cajones are handmade by our friend and musician Alan. as it happens Alan is a very experienced carpenter our maestro has decided to create all things musical with wood and cajones are his best new craze, apart from all shorts of hand percussion bits that we will introduced in due time.

The cajones come on one standard size 0nly, 50cm height, 35cm Width, 32cm depth (other sizes can by obtain by pre-order only),

They come in two choices of woods, beech (clearer), Brown playwoood (Darker) the finish can be natural wax or Danish oil

The cajones also come with or without snares, the earlier a bit more economical, extra finish on front can be arrange colors or logos by extra pre-order on 0ur standard size, If you are interested please, ask for a try at the pear tree studio and book your choice of Cajon. Contact us on 07852304761, See you soon

All rights reserved Luiscomp 2018 Drum Key

Jazz Masterclass

Hello Drummers

Drum Key

We are proud to announce that this year’s Drum key’s master class will be taking place around the last week of September first week of October, (to be confirmed), just to let you enough with time to plan ahead. (Please show interest to book, limited places, Sat and Sun only) with Trevor Tomkins.

For those that were so lucky to be there last year,Pete Cater

, big band leader, solo artist and top notch, great educator, gave us a un unforgettable lesson (oh you were on holiday! Na na ), he made us think outside the box, regarding time keeping, sight reading, and showed us how it is done at 100 % in the professional world.

This year we have an amazing legend coming to give us his incredible insight into Jazz (and hopefully few jokes) and a first class comping and brush technique class, why? because he is the one and only Trevor Tomkins, Jazz innovator from the 60 to yesterday, top educator with Trinity’s Jazz department the one and only hard working, ever reachable round legend.

He might have been played around every available outlet around with enough quality to bring the best Jazz musicians, yes sometimes even free, (Residency of the Red Lyon Isleworth, back on September 2017, Monday’s).

Well due this year we are mostly working on grades 1 to 5 (rock school/Trinity Guildhall) and most of you decided to go for more Jazz choices, involving, independence, technique on stick and brush alike, and sight and reading from 4/4 to 12/8, 3/4, 7/8 etc....Therefore this is the way to do it.

Well you all should be there! (parents can stay, free coffee and nibbles, parking, toilets) Trevor is not only the most reachable jazz drummer and teacher, one day, Ronny scoots another regular Jazz clubs, he is in the encyclopaedias’ of Jazz, he also is a master on brush technique, he learned from the guys that developed it, Philly Joe Jones plus, see his C.V. for more details, it will be fun and else.

The fee for the day (around 11:30 – 15:00, be at 11:00 to accommodate you) would be £35 for adults, groups of two (parent/child- siblings, Husband /wife) and under 13’s conceptions, limited places, just, say to us if you are interested or not, and we will booked you. 07852304761

Now the work shop/master class will be around 4 hours, with a little break, everyone will be have the chance to play, (2 jazz kits available, p.a. etc) in order to learn top brush technique and jazz comping, soloing, all printed material will be free, no extra expenses, free parking, tea and coffee, and parking, plus two free CD’s for everyone with the best choices of tracks from Trevor’s Jazz collection , and mine.

Oh go on live a little.

Say yes, not payment needed until September.

You need to bring your own pair of sticks, brushes, and a practice pad, and a smile, please feel free to pass the word of the master class and the lessons alike, flyers attached.

Trevor Ramsey Tomkins (born 12 May 1941 in London) is an English jazz drummer best known for his work in a number of British bands in the 1970s, including Gilgamesh.

His recorded several albums with pianist Michael Garrick and Don Rendell in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In the 1970s, he worked with Ian Carr's Nucleus, Giles Farnaby's Dream Band, David Becker and Henry Lowther's Quaternity. He appears on the 1971 album First Wind by Frank Ricotti and Mike de Albuquerque and on Tony Coe's 1978 album Coe-Existence.

He is the first cousin of Roy Budd (jazz pianist and film composer of "Get Carter" fame), and Peter C. Budd (jazz guitarist living in Chicago), and was a member of various trios and other line-ups with Roy Budd.

Stone Thorn

From November 2015 Luis as been working on a quality Hard Classic/Rock cover band project (a quartet) with a brand new singer, the band sounds great with a very experienced line up,Izzy on Bass, and Nige on Guitar,Adam on vocals, watch this space, to be gigging by the beginning of April 2016.




   Luis played last 21st of March 2015 with the great band Memento (ex Presence/metal works) a gig without rehearsals but quite interesting, the gig went great as it was a 50th Birthday party for Angie Stone, some video and audio will be uploaded once its edited a bit.

Luis played at the Riverside studios last August 2013 as part of the 16 piece assemble performing Astor Piazzolla's Maria de Buenos Aires,a

        Allegre Tangabile

To see the photos go to : Maria de Buenos Aires


After Luis moved to Britain on the summer of 1994 to resume and conclude his Music studies. His main plan was not to refuse to be part of any interesting music project when possible regardless of possible economical non-liabilities. He has been almost successful, many projects has come and past leaving him not only great debts but also a much richer music skills in many different styles and situations.

The reason why “almost successful” was written in the last paragraph is, because the most of the many recordings of the last ten years of the multiple projects here and there, do not make any justice to all the hard work put into all these projects, regarding the balance between musical quality and recording one. So there is time to consolidate all these great efforts of time and good material into a top quality recording media.

That is why Luis worked on a very personal recording project since 2003, covering his folk profile there is a five-track album (up to this moment) featuring arrangements of traditional and original folk tunes with a personal and contemporary approach, called “Little Opening".

For three years Luis' worked with Rock-Fusion band "Free Vision", although Luis has finished his collaboration years ago with the band, you can hear and see some samples in the page "Audio and Video". Also Luis has finished his work with the London based band "Rudeus" a cutting edge fusion band.

Finally there is also a collaboration with ex-University college, friend and Drummer "Gorka Diez" currently preparing some percussion based arrangements and has started a new project with multifaceted bassist and guitarist Kieran Smith at his "Merling records" studio (also see recordings and session).

The name of the band is "The Eons" to find out more and to hear go to "The Eons " page or visit the Audio and video page.

Luis would be interested during the next years in getting more session recording work and carry on teaching on part time bases at Oxford's and Tower Hamlets Thames music services, so if you are interesting to get more information about fees and classes rates go to contacts or e-mail Luis at:

I have also had a gig collaborating with various covers bands, like Cerveza , The Band, and more recently The Peculiars.

Phil Howard (Cerveza)

We will keep you inform of all these points and more


Book The Eons at: 07852304761,


To Come

         We are still recording!


Old Gigs comments


                       It was a great day out!

it was great fun!

                                        But now we can tell you that we will be back at

The Earl Beatty,

365 West Barnes Lane,

New Malden,

KT3 6JFOn 2013.


Great food, people & Music


We played at the Fulham Fest.

on Friday the 27th of April 2012

at the Broadway Bar and Grill

with our new guitarist Dan Hope

it was very well received,

Thank you


  Hello there, this gig is now


Do not miss it!

XLR Pub in Epson

....................................79 East Street



..........................................KT17 1DT

Friday the 11th Nov (more info soon)

A great night with tasty food

and good sounds!


The Eons


 On Friday the 07th of October 2011


Charlie Butler

40 High Street



020 8878 0526

From 20:30, Free entry



Strong & Wrong Get Funked Up with Live Funk from The Eons

Friday 22nd July


The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell

128 Hartington Road

                                         8pm - late

The eons on at 10pm

free entry


The Eons

at the

Guilfest 2011

Will be playing on Sunday the 17th of July

around 13:00 on the Live club stage,

see you there

The Eons



                            The Eons

(On Sunday 16th of May 2010)


he Tup in York Street, we will be on anytime from 18:15 onwards,

there is a very interesting jam session on so you can also enjoy

the fantastic local talent. We hope seing you there

We are showcasing all our new material at Twickenham's Tup.


(Old times!)

We would like to let you know that "The Eons" will be opening

for covers band Cerveza on Saturday the 16th see poster for

details, and be sure you are there to see "The Eons" in action for

the first Time!

E.V.R. would like to give a big thank you to all the people

that turned up to make it a full house and helped to raised

loads of cash for Shooting star.




Hello there,

It seemed impossible but we have solved our guitar vacancy with new comer Dan Hope on guitar, the sound is still vintage but there is even more electricity in the air, the band sounds better than ever, we will keep you informed of forthcoming gigs and showcases. He will be taking all 6 strings duties and sometimes swap them for Kieran's Bass too! Versatile, funny and a great guy.

After my back surgery we will have to wait until February to start things moving again but we (The Eons) are working on loads of more great covers and two or three new originals with new guitarist Chris Proctor, it sounds great vintage stuff.

I am working on solos and percussion sections, here it is one sample , it needs to be re-recorded but you can have a good idea of the material:

12 Bar's night

Also I am starting a colaboration with an old Guitarist friend of mine Miguel Montero (El Clan, La jungla etc...) At the moment we are plan

o record two tracks, watch this space!

Here it is the firs sketch of the many tunes to come, it was recorded in Spain at Miguel's home studio (guitars) and all percussion and effects at my place in London, the track is called "Mirando por la ventana" "Looking outside the window" We hope you like it!

"Mirando por la ventana!

"Looking outside the window"

The Lu-Gork Project

The project is on permanent hold due to work priorities and mainly due to the fact that Gorka in now living back in Bilbo therefore both drummers are up to more and better things but there are some interesting recordings from all the sessions.Soon to be ready on this page!

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