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Hello to all

Welcome to this new section where you can leave your comments and feed back, please be honest and constructive, all the best to make our learning process more interactive and direct, please feel free to omit any information you might find unsuitable, and thank you for your help and trust.



Dear Luis,

thanks to all your hard work and a LOT of patience with Elliot (14) and Maurits (11)

They passed their Grade 1 exam all thanks to you!

Polly (Teddington)

Hello to all

Coming from 5 years of playing, having had a few lessons when I started the rest being self-taught I felt I was quite an accomplished drummer. I was successfully playing live with a band and we we?re well received by all who heard us. However I knew there had to be more to drumming and that?s when I decided to find a tutor to see what I could really accomplish, having heard of Luis from another of his students I thought it would be a good place to start. From my very first lesson it was clear that I had LOT?S to learn but Luis? professional, kind and encouraging personality made me feel completely at ease. Within the next few lessons my technique improved noticeably which was commented on by others in my band and this gave me a massive confidence boost while also driving me to want to do more.

Luis asked what I wanted to achieve and after a thinking about it I decided the best way for me to progress would be to become a graded percussionist so we started down that route. Luis recommended I start at Grade 3 and go from there so we started, I would have a lesson bi-weekly and practice daily, within 8 months I nervously sat the exam. It didn?t matter how many times Luis would tell me not to worry and fill me with positive comments, at 34 years old taking an exam was a daunting experience and I was certain I?d only just scrape through if not fail. 17th December arrives and here I am sat in a school car park going over rudiments on my practice pad and waiting for my name to be called? 20 minutes later I?m done and back in my car feeling half positive, it hadn?t ALL gone wrong and the examiner wasn?t the devil personified but being my own worst critic I predicted a pass at best for my efforts.

It?s now New Year?s Eve and THAT letter finally drops on my doormat, I sit and nervously open it with my wife, I?ve scored 97/100! A pass with Distinction! What a way to welcome in 2016.

I strongly believe this outcome is down to Luis and his great teaching methods, he is entertaining, patient and very encouraging. I highly recommend Drum Key to any budding percussionists out there you will see the benefit. Next up Grade 4.

Thanks Luis!


In memory of Ethan Richards


We The Schiastney family, are really happy that our two

children are learning from such a great teacher.

Through this short time they have really achieved such a

big progress. Luis Lopez is patient and is able to teach our

children not only how to play the instrument, but also

explain what is music.

We wish Luis good luck on his teaching, lots of patience,

happiness and plenty of good students.

Thank you very much,

Michail and Antanas parents.

(Antanas & Michail Schiastney at work!)

I thoroughly enjoy Luis Lopez's lessons.

He offers a very helpful enthusiasm and a great technical

skill that gets me through the set pieces for Drum

Kit grades as well as offering me work sheets and

challenging exercises to help me improve my technique.

I believe that my playing has progressed massively since

I began lessons with Luis.



Great lessons Luis, always enthusiastic.

As a parent, I have always found Luis to be very

enthusiastic, encouraging and supportive.

He certainly re-generated Luke's interest in the drums

within one lesson.

I have been receiving instruction from Luis now for

approx 13 weeks , in that time I have gone from a

beginner who knew nothing about drumming to being

able to play the drums & read music.

I still have a long way to go but have manage to

progress to grade 2 Guildhall since beginning my

instruction with Luis , now approaching level 3, also will

be sitting exam shortly as well.

Luis is most helpful not just in his instruction but

regarding any aspect of drumming nothing is to much

trouble, he is patient friendly & supportive too & I would

have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who

wanted to learn the drums.

Thanks again Luis keep up the good work my friend


I've been to see Luis for only 6 lessons so far and can

already notice a big difference in my playing.

The lessons have given me a totally new / expansive view

of the instrument.

Apart from being a great teacher and friend I think Luis's

enthusiasm will undoubtedly rub off on anyone he teaches.

Thanks and keep up the good work :-)


Drew has had only 6 lessons with Luis and is already

playing along to one of his favorite tracks, he really

enjoys his lessons, & Luis is a great inspiration which

has had a positive effect not only with his drum technique

but also his schoolwork by improving his concentration

Thanks Luis you rock 

Tom's Improvements

More ammazing drumming from Tom

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