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Memento, Ain't talking about lov

Memento, Ain't talking about love

Memento, Lights ou!

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Memento, Perfect strangers.

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Latin exercise sample 3

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History & CV


2018- 22 Hill Sounds. Drum teacher.

2018- 22 Rockademy. Drum teacher.

2018- 22 LOUE (top quality Original Music)

2018- 22 Tree of life Guitars

2019- 20 The Detectives (top quality Soul funk covers)

2017- 18  Flightpath (top quality Classic Rock covers)

2015- 16   Stone Thorn (Classic Rock covers)

2005- 05  Memento (Classic Rock covers)

2005- 15  The Eons (Blues-Rock-Funk-Soul)

2013- 13   Maria De Buenos Aires (Musical/Tango)

2008- 09 The Peculiars (Hard Rock classic covers)

2006- 22 Session / Recording

2006- 13 Oxforshire County Music Services (Teaching)

2006- 22 Pear tree Studios (Drum Kit Lessons)

2006- 22 Merlin Recordings (Drum Kit Lessons)

2006-       Airplay Studios (Drum Kit Lessons)

2005-06   E.V.R. (Rock-Pop covers for charity)

2005-06   Lu-Gork Project (Fusion Drums and Grooves)

2004-05   Rudeus/Geek (Cutting Edge Rock-fusion)

2002-04  Free Vision (Fusion)

2001-02   Creeping Jesus (Rock)

2001-02  The green Lizards (Rock covers)

1995-96   Intentions (Funk-Rock)

1991-94  Basic Drum Skills Teacher Assistant

1993-94  The Universal (Dance)

1993-94   Valve Brain Noise (Grunge)

1992-93   Enrocke (Prog-Rock)

1992-93   Esgueva (Folk)

1991-92    J. La Fuente (Folk)

1991-92   La Carraca (Folk)

1990-91   Homenaje (Cuban Music)

1990-92   La Tregua (Pop-Rock)

1990-91   Celtas Cortos (Celtic-Rock)

1987-90   El Clan (Rock)

1986-87  Almenara (Folk)

1986-87  Homohabilis (Blues)

1986-87  Samba D’aka (Batukada)

Music Education History:

1998-01      BMus Pop Music Perform.& Comp.

1998          ABRSM Music theory (Grade 5)

1997-00     Guildhall, Drum Kit (Level 8)

1997-99     Guildhall, Snare Drum (Level 5)


  Luis Lopez

Personal profile

I am a bilingual postgraduate, hardworking, self motivated and responsible, with an articulate and outgoing personality.

Career objective

A Popular Music Performance and Composition graduate with a keen interest in teaching music and performing as a career, seeks primary, secondary schools, and adult education centers, to impart high standard education in Music theory, percussion and drum kit.

Education and Training


BMUS Popular Music Performance and

Composition 1-Thames Valley University

Year 3

- Advanced instrumental techniques

- Directed assemble


- Recording project

- Promotion and presentation studies

- Popular music project

- Advanced music programming

Year 2 

- Popular music composition techniques

- Specialized playing styles

- Arranging and programming for a small


- Jazz studies

- Miscellaneous playing styles

- Music education workshop

Year 1  

- Applied Rock studies

- Keyboard chord lab

- Rhythm studies

- Core curriculum 1, Drums (technique, sight

and reading and drum concepts)

- 20th Century popular music history

- Rhythm & Blues performance

- Core curriculum 2, Drums (same as on CC1)


Guildhall, Drum Kit (level 8)


Guildhall, Snare Drum (level 5)

Key skills

   · Music skills

       - General Musicianship

       - Keyboard and piano knowledge

       - Assemble skills

      · Computer skills

      - Word processing/Spreadsheets

      - Sibelius, music notation

      - Cubase, audio and MIDI editing

       · General skills

       - English language

       - Spanish language

Career history


P/T teacher for Luis' Drum Kit school, Drum Key.


P/T teacher for the Tower hamlets Thames team.


P/T teacher of drums and percussion, Orforshire

County Music Services.


Private drum kit teaching to date.


Third year of the University course, second

semester, one semester experience imparting

a Music Education Workshop at Our Lady of

The Visitation Greenford.


Three years of experience working as a teacher on

basic drum skills at Musical Tamayo, Valladolid,


Personal details

Date of birth:

4 September 1969

Driving license:

B, B1, f, k, p, clean UK


I am very keen on international and independent cinema,

performing and listening to Rock- fusion, Latin music and Jazz.


Available on request. Recent DBS.

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