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If you need information about Luis' fees and bookings for studio recordings please contact Luis at:



All fees are set by individual assessment, friendly affordable and professional approach!


Luis is currently working in association with Peter Stanyard (owner/sound engineer) at the "The Pear tree" studio, in Feltham contact Luis for private recording time!



                 Also Luis is collaborating with a second studio, Kieran Smith's "Merlin              Records"so if you are around the Sutton area this may be the studio for you!!



Moreover Luis is collaborating with a third studio, Ian's "Airplay Studios" so if you are around the Ashford area this may be the studio for you!.



This means that now you are able to book recording time for me to record drums and percussion arrangements for all those projects you have been not able to complete with organic acoustic drums, taking your own home recordings and projects to a higher level, moving away from those loops, synthetic or triggered drums that might not do justice to all the hard work you put into them!!

The options for media are multiple and so the recording formats, also the fees are decided on the individual basics and circumstances of the work involved, so if you have some recordings you want us to put my drums at any of these three studios, please contact me at:



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