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                                                         Luis & Omar

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                       (Luis at his last exam at the GSMD)

In this paragraph I would like to acknowledge all those factors and people that influenced me to be committed to a particular discipline such music in order to try to find a better me.

In my case I had a great help and motivation from the very early years from my older brother Oscar, although all my family has always been very supportive to me, Oscar always kept informing and showing me interesting music to listen to.

Music play by my early heroes, John Bonham, Ian Paice and all the classis Rock drummers, plus all the jazz masters such Elvin Jones and Art Blakey, some of whom I had the pleaser to meet many years later.


I also would like to acknowledge the effort of those educators, from sol-fa, music theory, piano, percussions and drums, from my patient firsts teachers, Nacho Castro (Celtas Cortos) or Oscar Astruga (Session) to the most encouraging Brian Grenne and Pete Carter.


Educators such Gary Chaffee, Steve Houghton also great masters such Andy Gangadeen, Gary Husband, Ian Paice or Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, every single one of them has given me different but unique fuel to try to find out that better me, musically and personally.  


            To all these great people I would like to say Thank You!

      Luis Lopez


On this very special paragraph I would like to thank all those people that have been helping me all these years, specially all my family all over the planet, in particular my brother Oscar that started it all, by buying me my first drums method and a pair of drum sticks and later on my first kit, result!


                    (Gorka Diez, Fernando"El Leiza"Oteiza y Luis Lopez)

To all my friends that help me to put bands, recordings, gigs and videos together over all these years !! specially Gorka Diez, Peter Stanyard and Elvis Eddie, without their help I could not have put this web site togeter and finish half of the projects I have ever started!


            (Peter Stanyard)                         ( Elvis Eddie, recording)

To my wife Sanela and my daughter Ana Aurora, they keep me going with their help, patience and understanding.                                              

                              Next Generation of drummers!


                     (Ana Lopez Tasevska)                    (Alfonso Fernandez Lopez)

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                                                      Thanks to "Aria"

I would also like to thanks the talented boys of "Aria" the young band from Kochani (Mazedonia) ,  for the hospitality and help during my stay in Mazedonia on August 09.

Thank you and all the best!


                  "Aria" be ready for fruty 7/8 rhythms and great melodies!